A contented heart leads to a long life; a life of peace, happiness and fullfillment; a lifetime of purpose, a life time of no regrets.
Likewise, a soul at peace with itself - because of a life well lived - will not resent or fear death, but will go forward and fear no evil; knowing full well that all its hopes and desires are fulfilled.
To find peace in your heart is the key to happiness, which in turn is the key to health and fulfillment. In your daily life you will be bombarded with an aray of negative thoughts and emotions from people and things around you. Seeds of self doubt will grow from the stimuli you absorb from friends and foe alike. Cast these aside, without absorbing them, staying true to your own thoughts and desires; listen to your inner voice that is your only true friend, that will help and guide you throught lifes trials and tribulations.
Yet, be strong, look to nature for solutions and consolement, understanding that what happened to you in life is a means by which you will grow stronger, and in doing so you are able to cast off all doubt, gaining full confidence in whatever you may desire to do.
The cycles of life can be seen within the seasons, as while in autumn many things seem to die, they are reborn in the spring. The trials of nature are always overcome; battered by the cycle of the seasons nature can be seen in all its majesty to have overcome and survived.
Never abandon your search for peace in your life, find it where ever you can, in moments, in hours, in days, months and years.

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