Always strive to set your spirit free so that your heart & soul will be filled with peace and happiness.

There are times when you need to seek the solace of nature but due to the demands of the day you are unable to do so. Yet remember, with the power of the mind and imagination you are able to visualize your own special place of peace and quite within nature.
Imagine what your special place is like, create it within your imagination to your own desires and liking; make it exactly what your heart desires. A forest green in spring or full of autumn colours, a gental steam running through a wooded area, a path that leads you to a special place. The details, beauty and complexity of this special place is limited only by your own imagination and desires.
Whenever the cares and woes of the day become too much simply find some seclusion were you won't be disturbed, then simply close your eyes and imagine your their at your special place. At first the details will be scetchy but with focus, concentration and imagining over time it will become very near to reality in all aspects.
This place can be as simple or as complicated as you desire, you can imagine every infinate detail if you so desire. Over time you can add to the image with feelings such as a light cool breeze, sounds like a babbling streams, and aromas such as flowers or a forest.
When ever you wish to find peace and tranquility, to relax and let the cares of the day drift away, simply imagine your their in your special place and be at peace. Deeply relax, let your mide run free, let the cares of the day escape and enjoy the moment as it was meant to be.

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