Set your spirit free - to fly majestically upon the winds of time
The earth is a place where the spirits come to play and grown. Here, it is within our very soul where the spirit resides. It is our duty to guard and protect our soul from any harm or transgressions, thereby keeping it pure from the mundane, as well as negative matters.
While our life seems to last for sometime, forever in some cases; in reality our life passes by in the blinking of an eye ~ then all we knew and held dear is gone, replaced by a whole new different reality. We pass from one phase to the next without any barrier to our transition, except for any mental baggage, fixed beliefs, or unfinished business, which are the only thing to impede us. You need to let go of these things in order to progress, grow and move on.
Our soul is immortal, and is one and the same with the spirit. The soul is not some inanimate thing of fiction, it is a reality which need to be acknowledged and nurtured in order for it to grow and excel.
Most people pass their lives entirely without giving a second thought to their soul and its well being; those that do dwell on this subject do so fleetingly without any conclusion or final understanding. Yet to focus on the souls advancement and well being is a wise and beneficial pursuit.
Our soul is the very source of who we are and who we are becoming; our identity, the root of our entire life's origin lies here within our soul. It is the soul that contains the why, who and wherefore of our entire existance, not only on earth but thoughout eternity.

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