Listen to those voices in your mind, it is your most inner conciousness trying to communicate with you. The more you listen, as well as take notice of what is said, then the more informative the messages will be.

In dreams your higher conciousness will talk to you if you are only receptive, leaving you hidden messages within your dreams. It is said that; 'only in dreams can you truely be free'; and also it is true that in dreams that your mind, unburdened by the cares of the day, can be open to messages from your higher self.

Also in in nature, those secluded places, away from the hustle and bustle and cares of the day, when you mind is relaxed and free, you can communicate clearly with your subconcious or higher self. In time you can ask advice and guidance, a reply will then come quickly to your mind from deep withing your subconciousness.

In essence we are all spirits, here in this reality to simply experience mortal life for a whisp of time. Our purpose here is clear to our higher self, so it is only through communication with our inner spirit that we can find the true meaning and purpose of our life here.

Life is our spirits dance with time, this is simply a means of passing the boredom of eternity, a mere distraction; to create memories to reflect upon when there is nothing left but infinity - forever.

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