These pages are intended as a medium to exchange thoughts and ideas on the meaning of the Dance with time we call our life.

Throughout the history of the world past civilizations have attempted to leave behind eternal monuments that would show those who followed that they once lived, and in doing so achieve for them a form of immortality.

Stonehenge, Giza Pyramids, Macho Piccho, are all example of such monuments. They are each statements to the memory of every individual from that civilization.

So the banner has been passed to this generation, will our memory be lost in the sands of time or will our dance of life be remembered, so that the fact that we did indeed pass this way will be remembered, and that we leave for furture generations the seeds of knowledge that will help them on their journey.

Are we destined only to become the dust that blows restlessly upon the earth as iternal punishment for our mediocre life, or will we become immortal through the things we leave behind us for future generations as a memorial to our passage through this life.

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