Since the dawn of time humans have built wonderous monuments to glorify and to honor the Gods or their fellow mortals. So it is, that within the mind similar lasting monuments can be created to the memory of your God, guiding light or to the spirit of a loved one or friend.

One should wonder in awe at man's capacity to overcome the elements and nature in order to create the marvels of the world in the form of monuments and sacred place of worship. To take from the earth the things necessary then modify them to suit our own purpose and desires.
These monuments were first conceived in the mind before they even took on a material form; then with the genious of the arcitect ,match with the skills and labours of man, the ideas, concepts and dreams came into being.
Thus is the minds endless capacity to create and develop wonders others have only dreamed of. Thus also is our unleashed capacity to create both in our minds and in reality the things that we wish to create, whatever they may be.
Create your dreams, create in your mind your own places of wonder and glory, that honor the wonders of the spirit and the Gods. Places of refuge in times of strife and need, place of peace in times of trouble, places of hope in times of dispare, places where you can regain energy and power.

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